Yes, You Can Stage with a Mix of Furniture

You want your home to look beautiful when buyers come looking. 

Maybe you're staging an empty house on a budget, or you're staging a dining room where your informal family room has been.

Instead of investing in an expensive set of dining room furniture, work with what you have or can buy second hand, like odd pairs of chairs, benches, and orphaned seats.  In the photo above, a design by Eric Piasecki for House Beautiful, three different styles of seating make this dining area informal and interesting.

You can easily imitate what Eric did. Simply keep it simple, use color and fabric to pull it all together, and your "new" dining room will look fresh, trendy and inviting enough to seduce house hunters.

Two pairs of chairs around a color-coordinated rectangular table look 
perfectly at home.Photo:
Two distinctly different kinds of chairs keep this room comfortable but airy. 
Photo:Tria Giovan for
One of my favorite examples: Colorful, striped upholstery and white paint 
tie these assorted chairs together. Photo: Coastal Living
The Wrap: 

Don't be afraid to mix things up, as long as there are some unifying colors or patterns. Download my eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar for more decorating and staging advice! Why go it alone, when I can hold your hand until your home sells?

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