You Can Make Headboards from Recycled Stuff

This wall was painted in two colors and mirror was added for that headboard effect.   
Designer: Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz 

Budget home staging calls for creativity. Re-purposing is one way to get a jump start on creativity. Instead of pulling ideas out of thin air, you have something to start with. Love that!

To help you get creative with your DIY home staging, I'm posting photos of some ingenious headboards, ones made from materials that started life as something else.  

Empty picture frame hung over curtain.  
Photo: Do It Yourself Magazine
With little effort, two sets of shutters became a lovely headboard.  
Photo: Apartment Therapy
The bookcase as headboard and storage/display area is a winner. 
Photo: Apartment Therapy
A fabric remnant hung on a curtain rod stands in as an easy DIY headboard. 
Photo: Homes and Gardens
This large headboard is made from fabric squares and mattress topper foam. 
Tutorial at All Things
For a beautiful wood look, try a headboard made of two lightweight luan closet doors.  
Photo: Apartment Therapy
Who would guess that a common garage door made this striking headboard? 
Photo: Mark Burstyn/Antonio Bellusci for Canadian House and Home
This handsome headboard is made from a fireplace surround and mantle. 
Photo: E. Spencer Toy and Sunset Magazine.
An impressive headboard can bring an ordinary bedroom to life. But the beautiful store-bought ones are expensive, so get creative with your frugal home staging, and try a DIY headboard from recycled materials.

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