Staging Uses Many Skills

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received has to do with career changes. Simply stated, it is, if you change fields, bring all the skills you’ve learned with you. 

What are your skills? What do you love doing? What have you studied? Staging your home will be more successful if you bring all your assorted fields of know-how to the front.

For example, 

  • An accountant’s training will help with tracking expenses and projecting costs. 
  • Someone with exceptional people skills might set up barters for services, or negotiate prices with suppliers. 
  • If you have computer skills you’ll be able to use the Internet for locating bargains as well as information. 
  • If you’d rather read than do anything else, study the local real estate market to make better staging decisions.
  • A collector can use her trained eye to select the best decor items to display. 
  • If you are accustomed to managing a staff, you’ll be good at setting goals, delegating and scheduling. 
  • Even a passionate shopper can put her skills to use finding deals.
What skills help you stage your home?

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