"Why Hasn't My House Sold?"

This is an actual photo from an actual MLS listing.
Does the owner look motivated? 

If your home is on the market and you have not sold it, could the reason be little ole you? 

Ask yourself if the person in the mirror looks like any of these six personalities. If you really want to sell your home, you may have to examine some of your own actions, then set about correcting them if they are obstructions to finding a buyer.
MS. LEISURELY. You're in no rush.  You want the real estate market to bounce back before you become a serious seller. Moving seems like so much work! You love your home, and you  don't want to "give it away."

My advice: If selling isn't a necessity, staying in place might make more sense. Review your reasons for selling.    

MR. UNBUDGEABLE. You stay at home when your realtor shows the house.

I don't know one house hunter who thinks meeting the seller at the initial walk-through is an advantage. Quite the contrary. It's a distraction and it's inhibiting. One of a realtor's roles is to be the liaison between buyer and seller. Develop a plan -- a place to go when your realtor brings a prospective buyer.

Are you guilty  of not being welcoming?
RITA RELUCTANT. You're not even sure you want to move. You're not crazy about the locale you're relocating to. You want to cry when you think about leaving your neighbors and close friends. You're dragging your feet and not taking offers seriously, or maybe your significant other isn't onboard.

It's time for re-examining the big picture. An unmotivated seller has a hard time selling.

MISS INDEBTED. You  have so much money in your home that you can't lower your asking price. Or you have other debts to pay.

Can you schedule a consultation with someone whose opinions you respect? Realtor, accountant, mentor, parent, financial advisor, banker? For now, houses aren't the cash cows of years gone by. If you cannot afford to sell your home, perhaps you can rent it out. Or, you can bite the bullet, and settle for less than you want. If it helps, remember that in this market, you can still buy a lot of house for your money when you move.    

MR. & MRS. UNPREPARED. You haven't staged because you don't have the time or money or energy. You haven't exactly become your realtor's best friend, because you make it cumbersome for her to arrange viewings, or you don't pick up on her staging and repair suggestions.

There is plenty you can do to enhance your home that does not take money, time or energy. Become part of your realtor's sales force, and take any advice she gives. You're paying for her expertise.

SUZY SECRETIVE. You have not spread the word to friends and colleagues that your house is for sale. You won't agree to a for sale sign in front of your home.

Sometimes the best sales leads come from word-of-mouth advertising. Your neighbors and others will know soon enough that your home is for sale. Get out of the closet, and become a seller.

There may be other barriers you are putting up between you and buyers. Read my eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar, to benefit from my experience buying and selling homes.

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