What Your Bedroom Says About You

A pretty bed gives a message to buyers. But there's more...
I could write paragraphs about why a staged home needs a bedroom that looks irresistible.

When it comes to bedrooms, I have blogged about the headboard, the color scheme, the style, the bedskirt, the essentials, and the furniture a staged bedroom should have.

But when I came across this post on Apartment Therapy about the importance of making your bed every day, I realized I couldn't say it better why an unmade bed is the kiss of death for someone staging her home.

In a nutshell, the author claims -- even proves through personal experience -- that the simple act of making your bed daily

When your home is on the market and you live in it, keeping the place show-ready can be a challenge. The simpler you can make your life in this transitional phase of your life, the better.

A puffy duvet takes the work out of bed making. Also, if your bed is stationed
with space on both sides, the job goes more quickly. 
The bed is usually the focal point in a staged bedroom, so it needs to look "finished."
How do the MLS photos of your bedrooms look? An interesting bed is essential.
It needn't be fancy, but the way it's made up, is what creates a winning photo.
Bed making is an excellent habit for children to learn. Make it easy for them. 
A staged bed needs at least three and no more than five fluffy pillows.
Keep the colors simple and harmonious. Photo: BHG 

I have no choice but to make my bed first thing every morning. If I don't, my beagle will be laying her face where I'll lay mine that evening. I know where that nose has been. So, yes, I pull those covers and fluff those pillows pronto.

Making your bed just feels good. Try it.

Photos from Traditional Home except where noted otherwise.

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