The Trends That Can Update Your Home

A shapely lamp is trendy. Coastal Living.
Unless you are a builder, chances are your home for sale is not a new home.

But it will be a "new home" to whoever buys it. So, the more successful you are at creating the illusion of newness, the more attractive it looks and feels to house hunters.

Even an historic home, or a home furnished mostly with antiques benefits from a touch of something that is The Latest.

Your show of trendiness could be simply your wall color, a hall runner, a floral arrangement, or just the kitchen utensils on display.

Here are some of the trends that can bring your home up to date. 
  • Colors lilac, sage, pewter, taupe
  • The white kitchen
  • Painted furniture
  • Mix of different styles 
  • Floral arrangements of just one kind of flower
  • Curvaceous, shiny, table lamps, and drum lampshades 

Taupe and sage and greige are the new beige. Tria Giovan.

Lilac walls -- they not just for old ladies anymore. Cismiccowgirl.
Look for novel ways to incorporate greys into your decor. Benjamin Moore.

Buyers are looking for a place to start fresh, whether it's a conscious decision or not. Make your home look new by adding some elements that are very up to date. Add a trendy thing or two, or three or four ...  

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Don't think you need fancy floral combinations. A single choice is classy.  Martha Stewart.
Updating a kitchen with white paint is one way to look current.Tobi Fairly via DecorPad. 
The drum lampshade has been gone long enough for a comeback. Nina Jizhar.
Chairs, tables, bookcases, mirrors, almost everything can be painted. Nate Berkus.
Mix ornate with contemporary with global. It's all good. Benjamin Moore.
Do you have touches of current trends in your home? Look for some small (or large!) ways to add that look of newness, so buyers will get the message that your home on the market is not stuck in musty, dusty time warp. Instead, it's current, fresh, and loved. That's the message that trends convey.   

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